The Story of Denver's Rudolph Architects / by Jennifer Rudolph


Currently based in Denver, Colorado, Rudolph Architects has roots in the East coast but has designed custom architectural projects, from homes and offices to community centers and golf clubs, all over the country. 

The roots of Rudolph Architects run deep. George Cooper Rudolph Jr., grandfather of Josh Rudolph, current principle of Rudolph Architects, began his architectural practice in New York City in 1939, where he became nationally renowned as an architectural renderer. His son, George Cooper Rudolph III, whose firm earned numerous design awards, carried on the family tradition from 1975 to 2008. Josh Rudolph now wears the family mantle, after earning his stripes in his father’s company, where for 12 years he directed the firm’s design department.

Sixty years of flourishing practices in New York City came to an abrupt halt on a September day in 2001. George Cooper Rudolph III Architects had recently moved their offices close to the World Trade Center to better serve their biggest client, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  Eight months after 9/11, Rudolph Architects relocated from Lower Manhattan to the Jersey Shore.

During Rudolph Architect’s tenure in New Jersey, the backbone of the practice remained the same:  servicing clients’ needs; performing in the most professional manner; and dedicating itself to good design; as evidenced by two additional design awards received for work performed while in New Jersey.  

The opening of the Denver office of Rudolph Architects in 2008 represented the next era of Rudolph Architects. Josh Rudolph, current owner of Rudolph Architects, has been practicing timeless, innovative, sustainable architecture in Denver since 2006. 

Whether east or west of the Mississippi, Rudolph Architects brings their tradition of outstanding architecture and design, dedication to client service, and high professional standards to every project.